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About NISN

The National Inspection Services Network (NISN) brings together leading property and casualty inspection companies from across the country. Our members own and operate their own business regionally, specializing in their own geographic area. NISN combines the value of each focused regional company, providing the highest level of inspection quality and service available.

An NISN member is nearby to act as the point of contact and service, no matter where the customer may be located. NISN members are committed to our customers. We proactively manage the inspection process to insure accurate and timely information is delivered to our customers.

NISN members have established a property inspection clearinghouse. The clearinghouse can accept your electronic requests and automatically distribute them to all NISN members. This single interface point eliminates redundant development and administrative costs for our customers. NISN has expertise in working with other data providers and can accommodate alternative electronic distribution methods in which our customers may already have invested.

Each NISN member is dedicated to providing a mature, well-trained professional field staff. These men and women are well suited to represent your company in the eyes of your customers. NISN can provide common report format across the nation. Specific company forms are also supported. NISN will partner with our clients to assist in developing ordering criteria to maximize your return on investment.

NISN has been established to focus on the efforts of the leading inspection providers in our industry. NISN has 20 locations and over 1000 field representatives across the country. This commitment will position NISN to provide the superior information solution for the insurance industry. Please contact any of our member companies today for more information.

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